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Top Coat Sealer

Top Coat Sealer

APC Top Coat is in a 16oz bottle and is a solvent-free, water-based, Zero VOC, resilient sealer. It is easy to apply, with excellent weathering, high bond ability, fast drying Coat Finish is a durable Top Coat sealer. Stir well before use. It should be applied over painted surfaces in a thin, even coat with a fine brush, foam brush, or foam roller. For an even harder finish, a second coat can be applied. Can be diluted. Easy clean up with warm soapy water. 

This product we recommend on surfaces that will have a lot of wear like the top of tables etc. You would paint your table top then add top coat (we recommend a minimum of 3 coats) then wax on top of the top coat when dried, then buff. Also use on kitchen cabinets for extra durability.

APC Top Coat is based on non-toxic and natural raw materials presenting no harm to the environment or water ways.

One way to use Top Coat on table top is as follows:

Plan on using 3-4 thin coats of Top Coat. Between each layer when the Top Coat has completely dried, use fine sand paper 600 or higher grit, adding wax after Top Coat is an option if you choose, then buff with the Buffing Brush or a soft buffing rag and end by shining it up with 1200 grit paper.

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