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Art and photos, mirrors, chalkboards, quotes, shadow boxes...  you might be surprised at what you can put a Frame around!


Coffee/End Tables, Bookcases, Bedframes, Cabinets/Hutches, Kitchen Tables, Benches,  Dressers, Chests/Trunks, etc...

If you plan on ordering anything custom from me, be ready for a million questions! Of course I am going to need the basic information like size and choice of material, but listed below there are lots of other small details I like to work out before starting as well.

Custom Woodworking Information

Once you know what kind of furniture you want made, and the size, you can start figuring out the details.  Things to consider are material types (stained pine, barnwood or a combination), what style of hardware (I have more options than what is shown in the slide show), and if you want accents such as inlaid leather or copper, or clavo's.  If you have an idea of what your looking for but can't find anything similar in my portfolio, just send me a picture close to what you are wanting!

I will do custom frames, but my 'specialty' is home decor frames.  If you do want a custom barnwood/pine frame done, I prefer to have what you need framed so I can all neccessary info etc (and I can also custom print your own photos to frame if you need).  For the home decor frames, you need to decide size, material and what kind of accents you want.  Accents include but not limited to barbwire, rope (and I mean might still might have cow poop on it used lariat rope, not the corny sisal rope), clavo's, leather, copper, really the options are endless.


Looking for a special rustic lamp, vanity light, or wooden chandelier?  I can make it for you!

Saw something in my portfolio you like that doesn't fit into the other categories?  Chances are I can make another one!

Things to consider before ordering custom lighting:  If its a lamp, are you supplying the shade, and if so what size, or will you be purchasing it with one of our rawhide lamp shades? If its a scone or vanity type light, is it going to be plugged-in or hard wired to the wall.  Material choices include barnwood, cedar post, diamond willow posts, stained pine, and wagon wheel hubs.  Things like copper, leather, rusty tin, clavo's etc can be incorporated  into the lamps and vanitiy lights. 

Other Stuff

Can't plan on which million questions I am going to ask you until I know what I am going to make, so you my as well add my cantact info to your address book if you have something in mind that fits in this elusive "other stuff" category! 


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