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Graphic-y Kinda Stuff....

Available Stock Photos, Vinyl Quotes and some of my Graphic Design...
Stock Photos

All the photos in this album are available to be purchased as digital files for your own graphic use, or to be incorporated into graphic projects that you want me to tackle.  Prices are all very reasonable, but depend on what kind of project they will be used for.  Send me an email (or attempt to get ahold of me via phone) and we will determine your cost.  There are also discounts for purchasing multiple files.


All photos come in high resolution JPEG's, available in multiple sizes, with most up to large format sizes.  The price is directly correlated with the size of the file purchased.


Vinyl Cut-Outs

I don't think I need to explain this one, I am sure you have all seen the vinyl quotes and graphics on somebody's wall before!  I am able to do any text you are looking for, in almost any font.  Lots of colors available (including metallics), and sizes up to 22" tall, endless lengths.


Single color graphics can also be done, given that they can be converted into a line drawing or vectorized.  There are additional charges to vectorize a file for you, but that is also an available service. 


Prices vary depending on size, vinyl color/weight.  Don't hesitate to contact me with your project ideas!

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