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Original Drawings

Original Drawings available for sale directly from Nicole.  All originals come framed with conservation ragmat and acrylic "glass".  Please contact Nicole if you are interested in purchasing any of the below originals. 

"The Hackamore"


11"x 14" graphite drawing with painted acrylic background.

4" wide black frame with distressed red accents

Completed in December of 2011.


Contact for pricing. 

"Calm Amidst the Chaos"


17"x 23 1/2" graphite drawing

3" Distressed black frame with antique silver edge, with 4" matting and matching fillet.


Contact for Pricing

"Three Noses"


6"x 6" graphite drawing

Comes framed with 3.5" matting and a rustic dark brown frame.

Completed in 2015.


Contact for Pricing

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