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​​Meet Nicole Viste

Do you know how hard it is to talk about yourself? Can I tell you about my current string of horses instead? Or how about the latest politics in the beef industry? Heck, if you want me to talk about old country music, that's even better! I really hope you didn't click on this link looking for some professional sounding biography, because you are about to get some rambled on random facts about me instead!  


I'm just a ranch kid (I'm really stretching that kid part) with a deep-rooted passion for the land, the people and the animals that make up this lifestyle.  I will forever be awestruck by prairie grasses blowing in the wind, nothing makes me smile like riding amongst my cows on a summer evening, and some of my proudest moments have been the smallest of breakthroughs with a horse. I am more determined than I am handy, but the job will always get done. I'll gladly two-step the night away in some small town community hall with squeaky hardwood floors (and more than likely a faint skunk smell), but good luck convincing me to go to the city.  Along with Greystone Images, I operate The Bunkhouse (link below)  to support my cow habit.  My college diploma is in livestock production and I've never taken a formal art class before, but for some reason the Big Guy upstairs blessed me with some artistic talent, so I figured I better make the best of it! And as King George said himself, "She'll never change, don't know how to hide her stubborn will or her fightin' side." 


Thank-you for your continued support of Greystone Images, even if I can't write a bio!

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