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Past Art Shows and Awards

America's Horse in Art

2012.  1st Canadian Artist.  3pcs, 2 sold

2013.  "Nosey Neighbour" (SOLD) 

          "In the Shadows"



Bosque Art Classic

2012. "Someday" SOLD

2010. "A Nice Colt" .

Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale Art Show

2012. "A Loose Cinch and a Cold Drink" 

Western Spirit Art Show

2012. "Someday".  Best Drawing Award

2011. "Behind Bars" Best Drawing Award

         "Cowboy" SOLD

2010. "A Loose Cinch and a Cold Drink" 

Calgary Stampede Art Auction

2011. "Daddy's Saddle" SOLD

2010. "Holding on to Tradition" SOLD

         "Breakfast, Lunch and Supper" SOLD.

APAA Juried Art Show

2011. "A Nice Colt"

Calgary Stampede Western Photo Contest

2011. "The Branding Corral" 1st Runner Up  .

Calgary Stampede Western Photo Gallery

2010. "Brunner Windmill"

          "Spring Sunset"

          "Through the Ropes" .

Cowboys & Indians Annual Photo Contest

2010. "Through the Ropes" Published Finalist.

Western States Horse Expo Art Show

2009. "A Loose Cinch and a Cold Drink".  2nd place

           drawing .

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